Where Women Create 10-page Feature & Cover!

“The print-and-pattern-infused creative spaces of designer Rachael Taylor.”

Yes you read that right! I recently received a very generous 10-page feature in the amazing US magazine Where Women Create! I’ve known since late last year that I was lucky enough to get a lovely feature within the magazine, but I had no clue I’d been chosen as the cover girl! I almost fell off my chair & had such a happy cry at the news! I’m used to seeing my designs being featured in the press but I usually avoid being in things myself. However, I just decided to go for it & I thought why not?! Where Women Create is such a stunning magazine that really celebrates extraordinary creative women of our time & I can truly say I’m so honoured to be part of something so inspirational.

Below is an extract from the beginning of the article & the start of my story:

“I live in Liverpool, which is a city I absolutely love and hold very dear to my heart. I returned to Liverpool a couple of years ago, and now my home and studio are within a leafy suburb of the city made famous by the Beatles. Working on two businesses from home while having a little one can be hectic at times, but even with the demands of business and the joy and excitement of daily life, I’ve managed to create a life and a career where I can continue to push myself to new levels. Even with the many difficult bumps I’ve hit along the way, nothing seems impossible to me anymore, and I truly believe this can be the case for anyone. Half the battle is recognising your own worth, tuning out the negativity, and simply working hard. I hope that by sharing my story you are able to recognise this reality for yourself as well.”

Below are some exclusive photos from the shoot for the feature:

I had some setbacks last year & I really wanted to share some advice on dealing with them:

“At times, it felt like it would never happen, but it’s essential to remember that setbacks do not dictate what you can achieve. When things don’t go right in life, I love to say it’s just a plot twist, and carry on! Bumps in the road also help me to appreciate the final result even more.”

If you’d like to read more of my story then the magazine officially hits the news-stands on February 1st & it is published by the amazing Stampington & Company (distributed worldwide).

A big thank you to Kelly Crossley (my Studio Manager), Kimmy from The Struths (photographer) & Kate Smith (make-up) for making me feel so relaxed on the photoshoot & as always to the Make it in Design team for all of their support that allows me time to do amazing things like this!