Cinque Terre Design Work Trip

During the Winter I’ve been feeling somewhat unmotivated & uninspired so I acted on impulse & booked flights to Cinque Terre, Italy – you only live once right! I’m going to be sat sketching & writing & I’ll be in designer & colour heaven. What a great way to celebrate 10 years since deciding to leave my in-house design job to fly solo! So much has happened with my business ever since & I’m so lucky to be celebrating 10 years with a once in a life time design trip like this & I know I’ll have a fab new collection of prints & patterns from it.

If it’s as beautiful as everyone says it is then I’m going to be in colour heaven! I’ve also been told it’s a great place to go running & hiking. I’ve already got a stack of empty sketchbooks out & I can’t wait to switch off from my computer & just draw.

I’ve been in desperate need of some fresh inspiration & I know this trip is going to just do that. If you’ve been there yourself then any tips would be much appreciated! I was lucky enough to find beautiful accommodation nestled up high amongst the stunning views so I can’t wait to sit on my little terrace sketching in the sunshine. I honestly think that I need to move abroad for the British winters, I can’t cope with the lack of colour!

You can follow me on Instagram where I will posting lots of gorgeous inspiration from Cinque Terre – I can’t wait!