Interiors Roundup – The Ever-Inspirational Cacti!

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome back to another post in our Interiors Roundup series! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic week so far & are looking forward to Fri-YAY tomorrow!

Today we wanted to explore the wonderful world of cacti & succulents. If you’ve been on Instagram, Pinterest, or even set foot in a home store or stationery shop in the last two years, chances are you’ve seen a cacti in some form. You may have seen them as candles; on dinnerware; on notebooks and diaries; on blouses and dresses; on shelves in pots; on wedding invitations & so much more. You name it, there’s a version of it with a cacti or succulent on it.

Of course, our love for these resilient little plants extends into interior design as well, with the top home / decor magazines continuing to show tons of cacti & tropical plants in every room. We especially love gorgeous little terrariums & the personal collections that are shared on insta, which often display a wide range of succulent colour & lovely little clay pots.

It would seem that as other trends come & go, our obsession with cacti continues to persist. These plants are bright, adorable, easy to maintain and care for, affordable, collectable & simply fun to have around. Social media, shops & magazines continue to pay homage to the ever-trending cacti & we absolutely love how much this one species of plant has inspired so much creativity in others.

Below we have shared some recent examples of not only cacti & succulents but also designs that have been inspired by them, too. We hope you love today’s post & if you have some of these fantastic plants yourself, be sure to show them a little love today!

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