Thursday Inspo – Everyday Rainbows!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog – we are THRILLED to see some gorgeous sunshine & blue skies today & are feeling super inspired. We hope you’re ready for a boost of colour because today we’re looking at the everyday rainbow!

While nothing beats a real rainbow, we still LOVE seeing rainbow-inspired arrangements on the likes of bookshelves, houses, or in shops. Walking into a home or a cafe with a lovely rainbow display always lifts our moods & makes for a fantastic colour palette! It’s no surprise that Insragram’ers (including Rachael) love to collate colourful imagery from the world around them.

We also get so excited by the many rainbow ‘accidents’ that occur in nature. These can be caused by things like spilled paint, a school of tropical fish, soapy bubbles & sunshine peeking through glass. You can of course keep an eye out for a real rainbow, too!

Today we’ve put together a wonderful collection of ‘everyday rainbows’ – those snapped by colour lovers from all over the world in various settings. We love the variety here & the fact that so many intentional & accidental rainbows are out there, ready to inspire us!

If you spot an everyday rainbow when you’re out & about, why not snap your very own photo? Better yet, why not experiment with some colourful photography & get your work printed! There’s truly so much fun to be had with seeking out & capturing colour inspo! Enjoy!

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