Interiors Roundup – #plantsofinstagram

Hello Everyone!

 We are so thrilled (& cannot believe) that it is May already. We’re looking forward to the May flowers & have already seen some lovely sneak peeks of the sunny times ahead.

If you follow Rachael, you’ll know that she’s a HUGE lover of plants & flowers & takes lots of care in her colourful garden. So to celebrate our love of greenery & the start of May, today we’re taking a peek at houseplants & the fantastic #plantsofinstagram tag. If you’re someone who loves a bit of greenery inside or outside the home, this is a fabulous tag to explore for some plant-spo!

There’s no doubt that plants have become super popular in home decor over the last few years & there are no signs of them going anywhere! Whether it’s a adorable collection of succulents or a large statement plant, there are so many ways that plants can add colour & life to your space.

Having plants can also make a space look a bit more considered & stylish without much effort. Not only that, some studies have shown that having a few plants in the home even has a few health benefits & are great for your wellbeing (read more here). What’s not to love?

Below we’ve brought together some of our favourite #plantsofinstagram. We hope these bring a little brightness to your day & that you love them as much as we do! We encourage you to pick up a few more plants when you can & find somewhere in your home for a bit of greenery – you never know how much it may boost your day!

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