VW Serendipity Conversion Update!

In March I announced my #vwserendipity van conversion project in collaboration with Max McMurdo & a few months on the van is beginning to take shape. It is still a work in progress but I wanted to share a sneak peek into the goings on behind the scenes. If you want to stay up to date then follow @vwserendipity on Instagram!

They aren’t the prettiest of photos right now but, as I mentioned, the layout & contents are still being worked on by @maxreestore & his friend @60elyphilip.

During the planning of my van conversion, I didn’t want anything that was typically expected from a VW conversion. My utlimate goal is to turn it into a mobile design studio / mentoring space with some top secret multifunctional magic! With a disco ball of course!

Then I get to use my creative brain to inject pattern & colour soon making it even more unique! I’ve been spotting lots of inspiration recently & I’ve been obessed with this ‘art car’ by @sportspurpose & @paulsmithdesign:

That’s all I can share for now. Stay tuned!