Garden & Flowers Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

Last week we had a day of really fun & colour-filled shooting in my garden with lots of flowers & foliage. The day was a mixture of getting some gardening shots for my studio & making some gorgeous flower art for The Colour Gang (my sister site Make it in Design’s membership club).

We had a lot of fun with the flowers in my garden but I also gathered some beauties with my little one at a local florist too so that we had enough variety for the floral based artwork. It’s exhausting styling & includes a lot of running around & funny poses (as you can see below). It’s not all glam as I was cleaning pigeon poop earlier today! It’s fun to style photoshoots though & I got to play with colour & style up plants. It’s so lovely to see my garden getting used in various photoshoots.

I was pampered by a fab make up artist (Kate Smith), I wore my typical gardening outfits & opted for a fairly natural look but they all got glammed up just a little bit.

Feeling lucky as I bloomin love plants! I draw plants a lot through my design work & I also get to work with plants as part of my styling role. I’m learning everyday about all things botanical but I’d quite happily be a permanent plant stylist.

You can see more of what I get up to on my person Instagram account of my dedicated plant account @plantgirliris.

With big thanks to Kim from Struth Photography for all of the beautiful shots coming soon!