Interiors Roundup – Wall Hangings!

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Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog for another post in our Interiors Roundup series! We hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far.

If you’ve been eyeing up some home magazines recently, or even made a trip to one of the high street home stores, you may have spotted the recent wall hanging / macramé trend. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours & styles, wall hangings are growing in popularity both as a decorative item in the home & as a hobby for crafters.

Macramé has been around for hundreds of years, but following a resurgence in the 70’s, it’s back again (& we’re loving it)! A peek on Instagram shows how popular this has become with textile lovers & crafters too, with pieces ranging from super simple & plain to those with complex patterns, knots, different types of string & wool + lots more.

Macramé is also a method of creating hanging plant holders which are hugely popular at the moment.  These are fantastic if you have plants that cannot rest on a window sill or shelf to get enough sunlight (plus they look gorgeous)!

 If you would love a beautiful + affordable wall hanging for your home, why not try creating your own Macramé masterpiece? There are tons of tutorials online showing basic knots & common patterns that we’d encourage you to check out! In the meantime, we’ve found some gorgeous inspirational wall hangings / Macramé projects on Insta that we wanted to share!

Happy Crafting!

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Posted by: Holly