Rachael’s Colour Roundup – YELLOW!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. We’ve had quite a bit of rain here in the UK this week & we are craving a little sunshine. Thankfully, Rachael has been sharing tons of beautiful creative imagery from Havana, Cuba & we’ve been LOVING her stories & snaps over on Instagram.

Havana offers up tons of creative inspiration – with beautiful architecture, gorgeous pops of colour all over, retro cars & tons of history, there really is so much to explore! As huge fans of colour, it seems like the perfect place to be to gather up tons of creative inspiration!

So to make your day that much brighter, today we’ve curated a bit of ‘sunshine’ for you from Rachael’s insta! In addition to her beautiful Havana shots, we’ve mixed in a few more colour highlights from Rachael’s feed with a focus on YELLOW!

Yellow is a colour all about happiness, joy, warmth, optimism & positivity & is definitely one of our favourite colours in the Rachael Taylor Studio. Rachael often captures yellows in her design work & on her camera (as you can see below) & we are loving the pops of yellow coming from Havana, too! We hope this little collection of sunshine helps brighten your day & inspires you to keep an eye out for creative / colour inspiration!

Have a fantastic week everyone! Be sure to follow Rachael on Instagram for more gorgeous Havana, floral, home, garden & styling imagery!

Posted by: Holly