Year of Colour 2018

As you may know here in the studio we’re just a little bit obsessed with colour, so when we found out that there was app/website (Year of Colour) that will visually replicate the colours of your Instagram from the past year we just had to find out what it would come up with!

We tried out the Year of Colour tools on Rachael’s personal Instagram as well as the studio account & we were surprised & excited by the results!

As you can see Rachael’s features a lot more red/pink/orange toned colours whereas the studio seems to have more blue/grey/green tones as the dominant shades. Either way both graphics show how colourful our accounts are with a wide spectrum of colours featured. Have a go for yourself! Are the results what you expected or did they surprise you as well?

Just as obsessed with colour as we are? Check out our sister site Make it in Design members’ club The Colour Gang!