Fun June Workshop!

Happy June everyone!

I’ve been going through some of my photos from my last Floral Print Motif Workshop & they are a lovely reminder of the fab day I had & the wonderful group that attended. It’s not that often that I host in-person workshops (only 4 a year) but when I add them to the schedule each year it always puts a smile on my face; there’s always a fuzzy warm feeling that I get as I prep for each workshop from selecting the flowers & the yummy cakes to anticipating what lovely creatives that I will get to meet. I purposely cap the number at 8 participants per class so the group feels more relaxed & intimate & I very much feel like it’s an amazing creative treat & relaxing day for myself too.

Thrilled to announce that my workshops are now kindly sponsored by my friends Derwent Art & Pink Pig Sketchbooks (& there’s lots of fab gifted supplies for my students). I’m also lucky enough to have flowers supplied by the stunning Arley Hall & Gardens.

My next Floral Print Motif Workshop date is:

Saturday 29th June, Stockport, Reloved Works

If you’d like to find out more about the workshop from a participants perspective then you can check out Claire Ingram’s blog for her experience of the day. Below is a little extract:

“At the end of the day, I had created heaps of floral motifs to scan and edit and work up into patterns on Illustrator. But most importantly, I came away inspired, energised and filled with faith, that yep, I could do it too. When you’re creating work and putting yourself on the line, it’s all too easy for self doubt to creep in, you think ‘you’re not good enough”, ‘not talented enough’, ‘too many other people out there already’ and these moments of crisis in confidence can become crippling. But Rachael instilled some wisdom: to make my work unique, and made me feel that there is space out there for everyone, as long as you’re creating from your own authentic voice.”

You can find out more about this magical day of florals, drawing, delicious treats & design industry insight in my brochure.

Examples of lovely work from attendees of the workshop