Home Style Vibes & Havana Retreat/Workshop!

Home style vibes with my ‘Cinque Terre Bloom’ cushion, ‘Shapes & Squares’ wallpaper in the background & a little peek at my ‘Organic Origin’ design ottoman.

I’m currently doing a little more research on Buenos Aires for my design trip in November but I’m very excited & especially can’t wait to explore the colourful streets in & around La Boca. Have you been before? What else would you recommend a designer / colour lover / pattern addict go see!? I’ll be sketching & gathering inspo for work projects too. Havana is my ultimate designer heaven & I think it’s accidentally & slowly becoming my second home so I wonder how Buenos Aires will compare!?

Potential Havana Retreat / Workshop info

Creative friends! As you know I love travel & live & breathe design & my next overseas workshop / retreat will be hosted over at the fab @1440multiversity in California during March 2020 (tickets due to go on sale soon).

More recently & kind of accidentally I’ve had a lot of upcoming / potential career opportunities occur for me over in Havana! It’s early days yet but sometimes the universe works her magic without you even realising it. Anyways I’m also considering hosting a retreat / workshop out in Havana!!! 8 – 10 participants maximum (currently researching it all). Think guided photo tours to explore the best of Havana that’s also off the beaten track teamed with drawing & design workshops, Cuban bars, rum tasting & lots of salsa dancing! I’m looking at potential dates of Nov / Dec 2020! What do you think?

I’m a lucky creative to have made so many friends & connections over in Havana & I just can’t wait to inspire other creatives & show them the Cuban magic whilst they get to explore the destination with me & alongside safe & local experienced guides (& potentially an epic photographer!). My own Havana experience has been such a game changer for my design work & I want to share my Havana passion with you. Just putting it out there for now… Let me know what you think!? DESIGN RETREAT / WORKSHOP in HAVANA!?