Why four poster beds are the classiest to buy

Four poster beds are a sign of luxury, that many people aspire to own. Throughout early history, they were restricted to kings, queens, and the wealthy. Whether it’s a wood-carved canopy-style bed or an elegant, but open design, these posh, four poster beds are the classiest you can buy.

Photo by Tan Danh from Pexels

The Beds of Kings

Yes—These were commonly called the bed of kings and the king of beds, and a clear sign of wealth, covered in the finest silks, quilts, and fur pelts. Constructed with hard, durable oak and walnut, some of the most ornamental, handcrafted four-poster beds are still standing and even in use hundreds of years later.

Of course, it wasn’t just for kings. Many queens and noblemen slept in these gorgeous beds. Queen Elizabeth I slept in a bedstead (the frame) made of walnut that was gilded and painted with a tester and valance made from silver fabric and an ornamental border of gold, silver, and silk.

Luckily, the availability of these bedsteads has greatly increased over the past few centuries and you can own one of these classy beds like a king or queen for a fraction of the price.

Types of Four-Poster Beds

Many consumers may not realise that four-poster beds can come with or without the canopy top. If you don’t have the room because of height restrictions, pets that are skillful climbers, or personal reasons, such as claustrophobia, you can still own a classy, four-poster bed. Choose from simple posts or more ornament-styles with elaborate designs or different post toppers.

Additionally, classy, four poster bedsteads are grand, but they are available in different sizes. While many people want a Tudor-style bed with thick, heavy wood posts and heavy, sweeping drapes that provide the ultimate privacy options, it’s grandiose size is often too much.

Plus, one of the purposes of the thick canopy and heavy wood was to retain heat and of course, keep bugs out because castles weren’t known for their insulation and they didn’t have screened windows.

Finding the Right Wood

As beautiful as oak and walnut bedstead were, the weight and size made them stationary and hard to move. Enter the French-style four poster bed made with lighter and still classy woods, such as mahogany. It’s easy to find and less expensive than oak and walnut, coming from several tropical trees and the wood is a gorgeous, reddish-brown color that doesn’t need a stain-finish, just a clear coat that provides a stunning sheen on your classy, four-poster bed.

However, just because you don’t need to stain or paint it, doesn’t mean you can’t. Consumers looking for a pristine, white bedstead, reminiscent of a young child’s bedroom, or a country blue to coordinate with their home’s existing style, that’s also possible with mahogany. Choosing mahogany is also easier on the wallet and for matching furniture pieces, such as nightstands, chest of drawers, and dressing and console tables.

Four poster beds are the ultimate sign of style and class. Buy one today and sleep like royalty.

Post written by Homes Direct 365