Bespoke Kitchens and How They Add Value to A Home

Photo by Zsofi Perganczky on Unsplash

The kitchen is an important part of the home. The good thing is that they come in different designs that you can choose the one that fits your home.

One such design is that of a bespoke kitchen. Below you will learn what they are and how they add value to a home:

What is a bespoke kitchen?

A bespoke kitchen is a kitchen design that is tailor-made just for you. It is a custom-made design specifically made to suit your needs.

A truly bespoke kitchen is made using the materials and finishes that the client wants and it is available in non-standard sizes.

Unfortunately, there are companies out there who offer standard-sized cabinets and predetermined options and claim to be bespoke kitchens. It is wrong since the only option the customer has is to choose the size of the cabinet.

How do they add value to a home?

By increasing the monetary value of your home:

According to research, any new kitchen adds approximately 4% to the value of your home. It is no different for a bespoke kitchen.

Remember this is a kitchen which has taken a lot of effort to have. You have chosen carefully the materials, design, layout, gadgets and colour schemes to suit your home and space.

By its uniqueness:

A bespoke kitchen is unique. It has been made to suit your taste, the space you have and the design of your home. Is your kitchen room not the standard type? Does it have pop-outs? Is the window in an awkward place? A bespoke kitchen takes care of all that.

Also, it gives you many options. Do you want it to have hidden storage, a chest freezer or garbage disposal? You can include all that.

That uniqueness and personal touch add value to your home since you can’t find such a kitchen anywhere else and it can push up the resale value of your home.

Choice of durable materials:

A bespoke kitchen is made using your choice of durable materials. This is an added benefit that can add value to your home.

As it is, you can’t change your kitchen whenever you feel like. So a durable kitchen means many years of service and more value for your home. The kitchen can be used by other generations to come or even by other owners.

It helps to resell:

Homebuyers do not want to start remodelling once they buy a home. A kitchen is an important part of the house and an outdated kitchen can put off buyers.

Imagine buying a house and then incurring more costs for remodelling your kitchen.

That’s why having a bespoke kitchen is beneficial since it can help close a sale when you are selling your home. Who wouldn’t want a unique and long-lasting kitchen for their home?

It provides a great place to spend time with your family:

A kitchen is multipurpose. It is the heart of your home where meals are prepared, family members interact, arguments are resolved and kids do their homework. It is the epicentre of the home.

When you go for a bespoke kitchen, you will design it to meet all these needs. You will enjoy the value the kitchen brings to your home.

Post written by Klass Kitchens