How to Get Creases Out of a PVC Tablecloth

Photo by Jo Sonn on Unsplash

PVC tablecloths are cheap and convenient to use for any occasion. It matters less if it is just a small birthday party or a big event that requires a large number of tables. The best part is that they are easy to clean too. You just need a good cleaning wipe and in a few minutes, your PVC tablecloth will be sparkling clean. For a good quality wipe clean tablecloth, we recommend buying one from SimplyTablecloths. Their wipes are affordable and made of materials that guarantee you clean tables. Besides getting a good pair of wipes, there are other steps you need to take if you want to keep your PVC tablecloth clean and crease-free. To help you out here is how to get creases out of a PVC tablecloth:

1. Dry them with a Permanent Press Option

This option works well if your tablecloths are already clean. After washing, put them in your dryer and choose this option. The dryer releases some steam that gets rid of the creases leaving them with a pristine look. Make sure you avoid loading the dryer with so many of them at a time to prevent them from squeezing and worsening the creases.

2. Use an Iron Box

If you do not have an iron box, we recommend buying one. It can come in handy if you do not have a dryer. Place the tablecloths on a table or a flat surface, then place dump towels on top and iron the towels. Ensure that the iron box has limited heat that partially dries the towels. This process releases warm steam that removes the creases and leaves the tablecloths looking lovely. Just be careful not to burn the ends of the tablecloths when ironing.

3. Hang them out in the Sun

If you have enough time, you can hang the tablecloths out in the sun. The sun provides just enough heat and the wind aerates them. Hanging them allows gravity to pull down on the tablecloths straightening them out. For best results, leave them the whole day then wipe them with a moist cloth to remove any dust they will have picked.

4. Use a Hair Dryer

Using a hairdryer is another quick fix that you can use to remove creases from table clothes. You will need to place the tablecloths on a flat surface, then pass the dryer back and forth just above them. Ensure the dryer is on a low setting to avoid melting the tablecloth. You can then smooth out with your hand as you expose it to the hot air. This method works best when you have an extra hand to remove the tablecloths as you pass the dryer on top. Check out this site for more information on how to use a hairdryer in getting creases off your PVC tablecloth.

5. Hang them in Your Bathroom

The bathroom environment provides a nice area to steam your tablecloths. If you have a large bathroom, you can hang them away from the shower to let them get exposed to just enough steam without getting wet. The steam helps remove the creases and keeps them clean at the same time.

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