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When you get time to play! I designed this one just for me!

There’s a story behind this… I created this ‘Butterfly Dance’ print almost exactly 2 years ago & worked on the original drawing whilst on a sketching trip in Italy.

It was later printed on to upholstery fabrics & a USA licensed notebook range. I printed my own first studio batch incorrectly (in scale) & it was meant to be used at Grand Designs Live by the lovely Simion Hawtin-Smith on a small footstool, ooops! Anyway it was okay as we used another one of my designs instead.⁣⁣

18 months later the fabric was still just sat there & despite a few folks airing their views about the risky scale of this fabric for fashion I just thought what the heck, trusted my instincts & tried it on my denim coat & with the magical collaborative help of Reloved Upholstery I kinda bloomin love it⁣ (my own Cuba inspired hallway is shown in the photo).

P.S. Simion & I host a ‘Customise Your Jacket Service’ there’s many of my fabrics to choose from. Check it out in my shop.

This is my ‘Dancing Delavyi’ print on both a bespoke jacket & a cushion.

One of the joys in my job is seeing my designs go on a variety of product applications. I truly adore anything to do with fabrics & fashion & interiors are my definitely my two loves.

I’ve been taking part in the @heartzeena @talliwall #instarainbowchallenge on my Instagram & this was for the ORANGE day, wearing the ‘Dancing Delavyi’ print. Orange just so happens to be my fave colour!

This is just a quick iPhone pic taken in my lounge that happens to have orange walls of course. They are actually a little more coral orange than this in real life, for some reason it always looks like a 70’s shade in photos. The paint colour is called ‘Electric Clementine’ by @valsparpaintuk ⁣⁣& I used the same brand for the different colours used on the upcycled ladder too.

The ‘Sketchy Stems’ wallpaper was created as part of a licensed range for @miltonandking.

Hope you are all doing okay & that you are staying safe. Sending love!