Supporting Black Lives Matter

Hello there!

Here in the studio we’ve been thinking deeply about what we can do to support the Black Lives movement in whatever way we can.

So for bookings placed in the months of July & August we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from any Creative Coaching session fees to*

Purchase needs to be made in July or August, however appointments are available throughout the year until December 2020 & are done online via Zoom or Skype in a 1-to-1 session. You can book from anywhere in the world & we can be flexible on times & dates.

More information about the sessions can be found:

on our shop

or in our brochure

Please know that Rachael has been creating some sunshine & rainbows behind the scenes & that the studio is working on even more beautiful ways to embrace & champion diversity & equality & will continue to do this, as we have always done, just in a louder & prouder way. Rachael has also personally, & as a business, donated to Black Lives Matter.⁣

Love the Rachael Taylor Studio

*Upon purchase you will be sent a receipt showing that we have matched the value as a donation.