Our 2020 top nine!


My Instagram top nine! This is the year that made me realise how strong I am & not just because of this awful Covid nightmare.

I’m a glass half full kinda person & whilst I’m open & honest on social media I don’t often dwell on the hard personal stuff but oh my this year has been tough & life changing to say the least & even though I’ve found it challenging in many ways there have been so many pockets of happiness & things to be grateful for & I’ve had some beautiful surprises too.

This year has taught me to appreciate the little things & the details more than ever.

However life isn’t always as shiny as an Instagram top 9 so just I’m keeping it real without blurting out my 2020 personal life story. But gosh for those that made me smile through it all I’m forever grateful & feeling lucky to have such lovely people like you in my life. I also just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that supports my creative world & my businesses @rachaeltaylorstudio & @makeitindesign. Here’s to rainbows & appreciating life!

So it looks like my pink car stole the show! I regularly receive sooooo much unsolicited advice about my @frankiethepinkfigaro purchase but I’m still so happy with my little car. I also (luckily) started the year in Cuba (my second home & muse) & pretty much ended it in Cuba & my vintage pink baby has been a great distraction & makes the UK feel like a tropical paradise for me too.

You’ve always got to try do more of the stuff that makes you happy & I love the saying “you do you” & it’s a bit of a life motto these says.

My studio account 2020 top nine – thanks so much for supporting what we do & best wishes for 2021!

Rachael xoxo