Secret 2022 project revealed!

So we’ve been teasing for a while that we’ve been working on something behind the scenes & I can now (sort of) announce it… drumroll please!

I’m writing a book! I had a lovely meeting with my Editorial Director today & I just got introduced to a fab Creative Director too. It’s kind of a pinch me now moment writing this & saying this out loud. MY BOOK IS GOING TO BE REAL! It’ll be out in 2022 & I’ll reveal more as soon as I can.

A funny little story from my writing adventures:

I’m ambidextrous with most things but weird me can only type with one hand. My secret is out! I’m 38 & still have this issue (same on my phone). It definitely doesn’t help when trying to meet deadlines! I try to dictate a lot but at times I need to type. Not your average Author hey!