What they said & what happened

The idea of making a career from your creativity can often be scoffed at. Many times throughout my career I’ve faced negative reactions just like this & been questioned about the sustainability of such a career. Two successful businesses & two decades later, I like to think I’ve become a creative force to be reckoned with, having taught over 20,000 students in 100 countries & designed for all areas of the industry.



The beauty of creativity is that the possibilities are endless. Look around you & you will all kinds of surfaces that you can one day see your artwork on. That crazy business idea you had? Someone is going to love it. Those products you dreamed of one day making? So much more possible in the age of digital printing & print on demand.

But it’s hard to do these things alone & this is where my online Creative Coaching Sessions can be just what you need. Supporting creatives around the world is my favourite thing. Being able to see them thrive & build on their dreams? Even better.

Get the support you need with 40% off all sessions right now. Appointments are carried out safely & completely online via Skype/Zoom or other preference, with dates available right up to September 2022. Each session will be tailored to you &/or your business & what you need right now & are accessible from around the world & flexible to suit your time zone.

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