Today is the day!

I am so thrilled to get to finally reveal the cover design for my new book POWER UP YOUR CREATIVITY!



I wanted a cover that demanded your attention, appealed to everyone, was full of feel-good vibes and radiated energy. I also loved that we managed to incorporate all my much-loved brand colours.

This book is a guide and comfort for your creative soul. It’s a mix of prompts, visuals that stimulate, thoughts to ponder, inspiration to gather, and anecdotes to laugh or cry at.

Having lived and breathed creativity from a young age, from performing arts to design, I have experienced quite the rollercoaster career. I’ve lost my design mojo many times, and creativity has been my saviour. I recognise how powerful creativity is and how we can use it to help navigate the unpredictable world we live in.

In this book I’ve reflected upon my career from over the past decade and from teaching thousands of creatives worldwide. I believe the powerful conversations I’ve had with them has aided in unlocking my own creativity. The advice I share can apply to any creative person, aspiring or experienced, no matter where they are on their creative journey, and not just for those who want to pursue a business path.

I hope you take comfort from it and feel that my words are from those of a friend.

I would like to thank Kelly Crossley from my studio who I collaborated with for the cover art, as without her endless support through the entire process from writing to designing, I don’t think I could have bought this book to life!

Some of you maybe have been expecting a book about surface pattern design or perhaps techniques for drawing, but this book felt like the one that the creative world needed. It was all such a natural and inspired process (of course with a ton of hard work).

I wrote this book for you, but for me too, and I just know we can all go on to do amazing things when we know how to POWER UP OUR CREATIVITY.


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