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I know a lot of my fellow creatives are struggling right now, whether it be from the cost-of-living crisis or hard times having an impact on their creativity & motivation. I want you to know I’m here for you.

One thing I always encourage is for people to evaluate what success means to them & what happiness looks like both personally & professionally. A coaching session could be just the thing to get back on track, whether it’s dealing with building your own business, making your art more lucrative or creating a portfolio to be proud of.

Having taught 1000’s of creatives from around the world & with nearly two decades of experience working in industry, I can help you to see your dreams & goals come to life in a real, tangible way. Many of my clients have secured BIG licensing deals, commissions, launched businesses, changed careers & most importantly they are doing what they love.

Each session is for one hour but you will never be made to feel rushed & I will always help you get the very most out of your session.

If you’d like to book your very own session that is exclusively tailored for you then dates are currently available from September through to July 2023, are online & come with EXCLUSIVE BONUS RESOURCES & follow up support.