Why now is the time to diversify your income

When chatting with my students & coaching clients one of the main things I encourage is how important it is to branch out & not get too comfortable with just one platform or one type of income. Why? Because what happens if that platform ends, isn’t right for you or that income suddenly dries up? We’ve all seen the impact the changes to Instagram have had recently. Now is the time to make bold decisions.

So here are some of my top tips on how to diversify your income streams:

  1. Be on 2 – 3 social platforms & don’t rely on just one. LinkedIn has become a great community for creatives recently & there are new platforms on the rise, so keep an eye out!
  2. License your art. I know a lot of creatives are afraid to do this, whether that be from worrying about copyright or not understanding how. I’ve been licensing my work for over 10 years & still find it to be a great source of income.
  3. Pick one new thing & just try it! Are there some things on your goal list that you haven’t tried yet? Pick one, give it a try & see what can come from it.
  4. Diversify your portfolio. I was the flower girl. Now I’m the adaptable girl. Floral designs have always sold well for me but it was when I branched out & added more variety to my portfolio that new clients came knocking.
  5. Don’t hold yourself back. If we dream small, we act small. Now is as good a time as any to be a dreamer & try for those big dreams.





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