Some things I have come to realise…

A little ramble for today as I’ve been going through lots of new changes recently & it’s made me quite reflective. Let me know your thoughts.

Life can be amazingly beautiful & equally incredibly tough. Things can take you by surprise & unexpectedly shake you up. There are days when you feel there’s sunshine on your side & others when it keeps pouring nothing but grey.

Things can really test us but even the struggles can at times be a blessing in disguise & we pívot to something better. People can let us down & even cause hurt, or a plan or situation can change & feel like it’s going to break us. Or trauma & upset can cause ongoing struggle.

As a wise friend said to me, these things don’t define us.

I’d say I’m an optimist but even I have to dig so deep at times. But I know this life has a funny way of guiding you through to the right things & saving you from the wrong things (even if if it feels like total shit at the time).

Even when the rainbows are hard to see I never stop believing in them & when we have those good days it makes it even more special. Thoughts become things & it’s important to surround yourself with people & situations who encourage positive thoughts.



I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone who continues to support my creativity & to everyone who has kindly supported my book ‘Power Up Your Creativity’ it means the world. I got told I had made it to the number 1 bestseller spot on Amazon (in the business of art section). I cried. A lot.

I dive into topics such as courage & power in my book with a very honest & ‘me’ approach. I hope you find it relatable & encouraging & that my words bring clarity or comfort. Don’t forget to join the FREE live support group as a gift for purchasing the book. The community there has already comforted me so much.

If you are having a tough time right now I just want to say go gently on yourself & trust that there is so much goodness out there waiting for you. If you go about life practicing gratitude for the simple things, life does feel sweeter & I truly believe what is meant for you won’t pass you by.