When they said my work was too simple…

I recently shared the below on Instagram:



It’s so easy for someone to say this, but they didn’t do it did they? It’s brave & courageous to put something out into the world, so no matter what anyone says…

you are a rockstar!

I cover a whole chapter on courage in my new Power Up Your Creativity & what we need to be creatively courageous. How do we do the things that’s scare us & act with bravery to make things happen? How do we gather the courage to dream big & follow those dreams? Thoughtout the book I willl encourage & provide practical yet fun exercises to show you that no matter your struggle, if you stay positive & realistic, work hard, & really follow your instincts (even the risky ones), you too can see your creative dreams come to fruition.

“Life is for living, days are for dreaming, the world is for exploring, & your creativity is there to be celebrated!”

I’ve learned a lot from this colourful life of mine, & I hope that this insight can help give you the courage to be fearlessly creative.

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