What an amazing publication week!

What an amazing publication week for Power Up Your Creativity! To celebrate here’s an extract from the introduction:

“In this book I’ve reflected upon my career from the past decade and from teaching thousands of creatives worldwide. I believe the powerful conversations I’ve had with them has aided in unlocking my own creativity. The advice I share can apply to any creative person, aspiring or experienced, no matter where they are on their creative journey, and not just for those who want to pursue a business path.

I’ve lost my mojo many times, and creativity has been my saviour. I recognise how powerful creativity is and how we can use it to help navigate the unpredictable world we live in.

I’m known for speaking from the heart and being chatty. People know me as funny, a dreamer yet a realist, an ultimate go-getter, and a ray of positive energy. Yet I’ve struggled with crippling depression and a troubled life. I’m honest and raw and I don’t know another way to be. Professionally these traits run through everything I do, and I once worried about it being a flaw. Yet, with sheer determination, years of honing my talent, keeping a sprinkle of positivity with me, and a lot of hard work, I’ve achieved the unexpected and built a successful but most importantly creative life and career. I’ve learned a lot from this colourful life of mine, and I hope that this insight can help give you the courage to be fearlessly creative.”

I welcome you to begin your own colourful journey to being your fearlessly authentic creative self.


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