London Book Fair with Quarto Books!

Sometimes my job can be so dreamy! This week I got the chance to go to London to meet my lovely publishers Quarto Books for a yummy lunch & then off to visit the Design Museum together followed by the book fair. I feel so lucky but I know I’ve made my own luck through hard work & sheer determination (can’t believe I’ve been graduated from university almost 18 yrs now!)

Happy 6 months to my book Power Up Your Creativity!



I also met up with my lovely friend @sidonaldson who I haven’t seen in-person in literally years, we had the best last min & unplanned 90 min catch up. Si & I used to work together at the Hallmark head office. When I left he kindly built a website for me from my crazy doodles at the start of my solo career. I remember him really encouraging me to have a great portfolio site & I probably would have have just procrastinated & might not have even bothered to put myself out there. This then led to my first ever commissions from TeNeues, WHSmith & Paperchase & then my website & my work going in a book, & then shortly after my career exploded. It’s crazy to think I’m now the author of a book & more things to come…

The London Book Fair has been the first big trade event that my book has been shown at. I just found out it’s doing really well & also is now stocked in nearly all Waterstons branches (it was sold out in their Piccadilly store when I popped in!).

Also felt super proud to be repped by Quarto. I think they had one of the biggest & most impressive stands at the show (only a tiny section shown in the pics). Never forget the people who believe in you, help you on the way up & stick by you when it’s tough too. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from many brilliant people. Who knew that when Si published my first website all those yrs ago I’d be celebrating so many cool things years later.


Felt like a proper grown up yesterday! Kinda proud of how much I’ve grown creatively too. So many plans in the pipeline & my head exploded in the best way yesterday with lots of exciting possibilities & conversations. Thank you to everyone who supports me & especially those who have read my book Power Up Your Creativity, you are helping to turn my dreams into a reality.