Creative success is for everyone – yes you too!

This is something I’ve been thinking about during my creative coaching sessions this month.



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with creatives who either don’t think they deserve success or are constantly comparing themselves to others & thinking they aren’t good enough.

Below is an extract from my book Power Up Your Creativity & the creative exercise Say It Out Loud:

“Often at the start of most of my coaching sessions, the first thing I ask is: “Tell me your dream—not the smaller dream you often share with others. What’s the big dream? If anything were possible. Close your eyes and don’t hold back.”

That initial big dream is so important. We often think that big dreams are so out of reach, but a dream is just an idea that needs a plan of action. When I highlight the small but powerful steps they can take to get there, that dream no longer seems impossible.

I urge you to aim for the top and be unapologetic about what you want in life. Say it out loud. Life is short, precious, magical, and amazing, but can be tough sometimes. Don’t deny what your creative heart wants. You might have to chip away at it, or put it on hold at times, but you owe it to yourself to give it the best chance you can.”

Those big dreams aren’t just for others. They can happen for you too. Just something to think about today.

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