The AMAZING benefits of 1:1 creative coaching

I’ve really been enjoying getting stuck into teaching & coaching so far this month & thought it might be useful to outline exactly what benefits there are from booking my 1:1 Creative Coaching:

  1. I’ve worked in industry for almost two decades now so I’ve definitely picked up a lot of tips & tricks along the way & made the mistakes so now you don’t have to
  2. This experience has led me to design for almost every market so I can help you to design for almost any product as well as for any kind of client job
  3. I really do believe in you & the magic you can create so I know you’ll leave the session feeling more prepared & confident to go after your creative goals & dreams
  4. My clientele is global & sessions are online, which means I can accommodate any timezone
  5. Each session is completely tailored to you & what you or your business needs
  6. You will have access to exclusive bonus resources & individual support after your session
  7. There’s 40% off for a limited time only!