Sweet Entertainment

Hello everyone, wishing you a lovely Thursday!
Today I would like to share with you an amazing place that I discovered a few years ago when I was living in Barcelona.
Sometimes when you travel, it’s like you’re seeing the same things in a different language or landscape; museums, shops, landmarks and don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly entertaining and exciting but sometimes what you really enjoy are those random finds that make your holiday.
Papabubble is exactly that. Hidden in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, this little artisan shop offers the chance to experience the wonderful art of candy making.
As you approach the door, a stream or sweetness grabs you by the nose and pulls you inside, once in there you are mesmerized by the wonderful sight of pulling, stretching, rolling and playing with candy.   I’m sure we all dreamt about going into the Wonka factory at some point in our childhood, I believe this shop could easily be a tiny version of that, with lively employees instead of Oompa Loompas where you can stand and stare for as long as you want and best of all, you get to taste the end product..  With shops now in 6 different countries, Papabubble is a sight worth seeing, with a happy philosophy and a yummy taste, you should look for one on your next travels. If you can’t wait till the holidays, visit them here!
See you next week!  love  moni.