Kitty & Dude

Happy Thursday everybody!

I have an empty wall at home that has been bothering me, I want to fill that space in a different way. I started thinking about a remote memory I have, one of my first ever memories of my great grandmothers house.  It’s a blurry memory, more like stills and images, but what I always see in it is a wall full of ceramic plates that she had hand painted.  There were big and small ones most illustrated with flowers.  It was a beautiful wall and I think I want to recreate it.  So while I get myself to ceramic classes I did some browsing for artists who can give me a little help.

Introducing the amazing work of  Cosima Sempil. This ceramicist from Edingburgh has a beautiful range of ceramic products under the name of Kitty & Dude.  From plates, mugs and jugs, to birds and pigs and even flower printed grenades, all ceramic that you can use, wear and hang.  The products come in quirky and unusual shapes with sweet prints. I love them!  I think I might start my new wall with one of these!
Have a look!

Enjoy! Love, moni.