Today is a Wonderful day! Friday! So I bring you something wonderful.
I don’t know what all of you have as screen savers on your computers. Photographs, landscapes, pebbles or an overload of icons.  My Screen saver is the photo of my dream bed, I have it there so that I can look at it enough times to eventually own it one day.  Maybe a money bank will prove more efficient, but I still love looking at it.

This wonderful bed belongs to Squint!
Based in London, Squint makes amazing bespoke furniture using patchwork and traditional shapes.  It is a rare and special decoration option that will fill up any room and give personality and fabulous style to any space.  Made in England and upholstered traditionally, every one of their products is classy but quirky.

So have a look, visit their website and delight yourselves.
Have a great weekend! love moni!