2011 Plans!

2 days left of the month, year, decade!

It’s that time now to remember all the good things about this year, to forget all the bad moments and to be glad to have the chance of a  “new start”. So before we put on our flashy outfits and get ready to celebrate, we shouldn’t forget our new years resolutions.  We’ve got to make sure we write them down and I have a great suggestion on where to do it on. 
This 2011 diary is a brilliant discovery!  
“Hello 2011” is the beautiful work of  IAmSilouhettes.  Created by Angelyn Pah from Kuala Lumpur it is a magical diary covered by amazing illustrations and pretty colours so that every week and day of the next year will look exciting and fun.
It’s not too late to order it from the website or their Etsy shop. I’ve already ordered mine!
Happy New year everyone! Love Moni!