Module 3 Graduate Showcase – Part 6

Wow! We have treated you all week to some amazing work from the Module 3 graduate students of the e-course, what a week! Today is the final post showcasing the wonderful work from the first run of Module 3, and we could not be prouder of our fantastic students! You can read Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 of this talent filled blog series by following the links. We know our students will be going on to very big things! Well done and good luck graduates!



Character illustration in ‘Up and Away’ by Wendy Kendall

Pretty ‘Bird Seed’ by Wendy Kendall

Organic ‘Thistle’ by Maggie Dunne
Floral ‘Summer Mixes’ by Maggie Dunne

Cultural inspired ‘Mexican’ by Miranda Mol
Linear ‘Sophisticated Swirls’ by Miranda Mol

Naturalistic ‘Crocus Sally Trude’ by Sally Trude

Repeat design in ‘Woodpeckers Sally Trude’ by Sally Trude

Textured ‘Folks Stock Cars’ by Sarah Hatherhill

‘Folksy Stock Collection’ by Sarah Hatherhill

Bright ‘Swirling Fish’ by Veena Mistry

 Bold shapes in ‘Geometric Blue’ by Veena Mistry

Geometric ‘Bold Honeycomb’ by Veronica Galbraith
Autumnal ‘Good Vibrations’ by Veronica Galbraith

Nature inspired ‘Collection’ by Lene Maria – Viola Brun Designs 

Pretty ‘Stepping Stones’ by Lene Maria – Viola Brun Designs 
Feminine ‘Curved Square Co-ordinates’ by Gabrielle Treanor

Linear illustration in ‘Take a Seat’ by Gabrielle Treanor
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