Module 1 October Showcase – Part 2

Following on from yesterday we have some more wonderful work of the surface pattern e-course students to share with you! We couldn’t be more proud of all our e-course graduates – we have been updating our ‘Alumni Success’ page & never fail to be staggered by their success so soon after taking the course. Well done everyone! See below for a selection of work from our talented students! We also asked them to write a sentence or two about what has been powerful about the course and how it has helped them develop as a designer, read below!

Delicate ‘Fluttering Forager’ by Charlotte Duffy
“The most fantastic thing about the course for me has been the way it has encouraged and inspired me to return back into the roots of my passion for creating and rediscover my strengths, particularly of drawing delicately with fine detail. I feel it is a very valuable and empowering course and would recommend it to anyone looking who is looking for a step in the right direction into surface pattern design.”
Bold & colourful ‘Pop Bang’ by Birgitta Zoutman (Birgitta Designs)

Layered ‘Skullman’ by AmandaWallace
“I really loved how this course emphasized being true to yourself. It helped encourage me to design motifs that were a reflection of who I am as a person, and as an artist. After taking this course, I feel as if I am able to set the trends, not just follow them.”

Bright ‘Anchobee’ by Andrea Rincón
“For me this course has sharpened all my senses, it has poured my world with creativity and reminded me why I love design.”

Blue & white ‘Sea Urchins’ by Diane Colover
This course has reignited my pattern creativity, given me more confidence in my work and helped me find lots of new ways of developing designs from all sorts of sources.”

Feminine ‘Magic Garden’ by Laura Escalante Mora
The most powerful element of the course is that I am learning about something I love and this course is making my dreams come true. I love that the course encourages us to hand draw our own motifs because sometimes it is all about using computers and this wonderful technique sometimes is forgotten and left behind, hand drawing is a great tool so that each designer has its own style.
Funky & bright ‘Summer Fruits’ by Judy Adamson
“The most powerful element of the course so far has been the Group Pool and Discussions on Flickr. As well as enjoying the interaction and mutual encouragement, it has brought me a few steps closer to discovering my signature style by identifying what it is NOT and being part of the group has also ‘given me permission’ to spend time playing with designs for the fun of it, with no particular (commercial) end in mind, something I don’t normally do enough of.”

Hand-sketched ‘Twirly Tips’ by Gillian Hollingsworth
“The ABSPD course has shown me how to turn what was a hobby, into a potential career that I love. It has shown me how to stay focused and I have come so much farther since starting than I ever thought possible. Thanks so much to the ABSPD team for all of their valuable support.”

Not long to go until we run Module 1: Designing Your Way for the final time this year on November 12th. It won’t run again until APRIL 2013 so if you want to get into surface pattern design NOW IS THE TIME! Find out more and register here:
Module 2: Creating Your Professional Identity began November 5th but you can still join if you are quick! It runs again 20th January 2013! You can also sign up for Module 3: Monetising Your Designs running next year (2013) on January 14th & April 29th!
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