Module 1 October Showcase – Part 3

Here is Part 3 of our talent filled Module 1 showcase of our e-course! You can check out our ‘Alumni Success’ page & to see how well all of our students are doing! We are always amazed by the work created in our modules & are always proud of their achievements! We have asked each student to write a sentence or two about what has been powerful about the course & how it has helped them develop as a designer, so you can read about it in their own words!

Bold ‘Circles in Bloom’ by Briana Tomlin
“Module 1 has been an amazing source of inspiration, challenges, and motivation. It has got me to just start doodling, make sketches, add color and work with them. My drawings may not be perfect, but I’m loving the patterns they turn into.”

Autumnal ‘Flotsam’ by Jannie Shepherd
“This course has been the kick up the backside (in a nice way) that I needed to find the focus and determination to sort out my priorities, set targets and get on with planning my future business. The most powerful element for me was the opportunity to participate in a professionally taught course alongside other dedicated and talented people, some of whom have become friends and maybe future colleagues. Thank you Rachael and Beth for the inspiration – you are angels and so is Kelly!”
Repeat pattern in ‘Lil’ Boy’ by Ausma Banka
“Seeing my everyday environment in a totally new way and how it can be such a source for creative inspiration has been the most powerful element of the course for me. Also, I’m starting to see pattern design everywhere now and I’m able to break down and appreciate the elements of these designs as well as recognize different styles.”

Bright ‘Optical Oriental Design’ by Julie E Ansbro
“The most powerful element of the course for me is knowing ill never have creative block again, you have shown me that going back to basics will materialise into a pattern of some shape or form. It has given me the confidence to trust and make my own decisions and also brought the passion back for designing.”
‘Vines’ by Kelly Preusser

‘Hydrangeas’ by Laura Buchanan

‘Sleepy Dog’ by Jess Lewis
“I have enjoyed the course very much indeed, one of the most helpful parts for me has been simply going back to basics and working towards defining my ‘style’ in a more natural and organic way. I was surprised when I found myself particularly drawn to character design and I am really excited about taking this further. Cant wait for Module 2!”

‘Curvy Stripes’ by Sam Osborne

“I’ve loved the freedom to experiment without an immediate pressure to create products for sale – I’ve made friends with my sketchbook all over again – and there is a fantastic community around the course full of helpful enthusiastic people!”

Not long to go until we run Module 1: Designing Your Way for the final time this year on November 12th. It won’t run again until APRIL 2013 so if you want to get into surface pattern design NOW IS THE TIME! Find out more and register here:

Module 2: Creating Your Professional Identity began November 5th but you can still join if you are quick! It runs again 20th January 2013! You can also sign up for Module 3: Monetising Your Designs running next year (2013) on January 14th & April 29th!

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