Interiors Roundup – Warming to the Winter Season!

Hello everyone!

We’re so glad to see you back for another Interiors Roundup! We are officially half way through November & it’s easy to see that Christmas is on its way. If you’re anything like us here in the RT studio, you’re a big lover of Christmas & all the seasonal inspiration that comes along with it.

Now, while many of us really look forward to the festive season, we also appreciate how important it is to keep it special – talking about Christmas too early can sometimes take the fun out of things, so today’s post is going to be a little in-between.

So, to celebrate the oncoming festivities (without getting too ahead of ourselves!) we want to share some fabulous, more subtle decor ideas leading up to December 25th! We think these are the perfect in-between interior tweaks for avid decorators who can’t wait to start, but want to keep December super special & unique too!

Pops of Glitter! Image via Joann

Glitter usually means there is something to celebrate. Winter, with it’s icy glaze & pretty snowflakes, is often accompanied by glittery decorations & twinkling lights.

winter 8

Twinkle Twigs! – Image via Pop Sugar

One sure sign of winter are the bare trees that surround the streets come the end of November. These antler-like twigs painted with a bit of gold, make great festive additions to the home!


Sporadic Sprigs – Image via Spoon Fork Bacon

A few sprigs around the house (& on the table in this one) make for a fabulously festive touch. They put us in mind of the lovely Christmas trees to come!


Pretty Pinecones – Image via The Sweetest Occasion

By winter time, pinecones are in abundance all over the ground! These organic, bauble like beauties can be dipped in glitter, painted & strung about for a festive feel.

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Winter Berries – Image via Latte Lisa

Winter berries, often in bright red or deep purple, always make us feel like winter & the festive season is near. They can be used for wreaths, table decorations, centrepieces & more!


Little Lanterns – Image via Lia Griffith

Tiny lanters & wintery candles make for some great early winter decorations. Snowy scenes like these really help bring the spirit of winter to life, especially in front of a warm flickering flame.


Faux Fur Throws – Image via The English Room

Big, furry throws give homes a wintery, chalet feel. They also provide a cozy vibe that reminds us of curling up by a nice fire with hot chocolate!


Festive Wreaths – Image via Live Master

Unconventional wreaths like this one, fillwed with acorns, seeds, pinecones & twine, make for a very wintery decoration for the front door. We think this is a very classy wreath design & makes for a fun DIY winter craft!

winter 6

 We hope all you eager folk wanting to dip into your Christmas boxes find some inspiration in today’s post. The same to those who like a more subtle, simpler Christmas decor, or want to bring that winter feel before December!

Happy decorating!

Posted by: Holly