Pretty Postcards – Sending Positive Vibes!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the RT blog for some more creative ideas & positive vibes! Today we wanted to go back to basics & get a little inspiration from an earlier way of sharing happy quotes & colourful typography: postcards!

We know that some people are still avid postcard collectors & we definitely see why. During our recent travels we came across some lovely postcards in the local Paperchase that we thought were absolutely lovely! So many of their designs were full of bright patterns, colourful lettering & inspiring messages ready to be popped in the post to family & friends.

Postcards are not only lovely to look at, they pack a lot of sentiment. Nowadays it can be all too easy to send an email or a text message as a hello, so we love the idea of writing a heartfelt message on the back of some encouraging words & artsy lettering. One of the most amazing things about postcards is that they come across so many different people & places as they travel the world. Even when they get lost in the post, knowing that anyone anywhere might have your postcard can make for a fun thought for you & a pleasant surprise for them.

All in all, postcards can bring out the expressive, creative, sentimental side in us; they capture our wanderlust & our adventures like no other & for that reason we think they are absolutely wonderful! Below are some of our favourites we saw amongst the dozens of pretty designs!




lovepost3 smilepost1


If you haven’t heard from a special friend for a while, why not try sending them a positive postcard! You can get even more creative & make your own too!

Posted by: Holly