Blogs We Love – Pitter Pattern!

Hello Everyone & Happy Monday!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor Blogs We Love series! If you love surface pattern, today you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got lots of inspiration to share today & we hope you’ll leave the blog feeling super creative & ready to get designing yourself!

Today’s blog pick comes from Cornwall, UK & is called Pitter Pattern (we absolutely love the name)! PP, established by a talented surface pattern designer named Veronica Galbraith, is a great resource for designers needing a little creative boost, are in need of great online tools & courses, or simply love looking at pattern design.

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Veronica’s blog features a bunch of fab categories which makes it easy to navigate through her posts – some of our favourite categories include Colour Talk, Inspiration, & Resources!  Below are some lovely images from various posts on the blog – we love Veronica’s choice in high-quality images & reading her thoughts on other designers’ work, trends in the industry & where to find online design resources to help readers develop their skills.



We’re so glad to say that Veronica is one of the Make It In Design alumni & has had her work featured in an MIID ‘Alumni Success‘ post – we love that she’s used her talent to create such a wonderful resource for other surface pattern designers – way to go Veronica!  Commenting on her blog & her own work, she says,

Pitter Pattern is a collection of what I consider to be some of the best bits from the amazing world of Surface Design and a record of my learning process to become part of it. It’s a journey, a reminder and a source of inspiration… I’ve been a pattern lover since I can remember and have always surrounded myself with lovely colourful patterns but never thought that I could actually create them. The idea started to form in my mind, maybe pattern design was the way forward!”

We’re certainly glad Veronica followed her dreams – she is truly an inspiration to anyone who is aspiring to get into the industry! Here’s a peek at some of her own work!



If you’d like to see more of Veronica’s pattern designs, be sure to check out her portfolio! Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram & Twitter as well to get regular updates on her fab blog & her work!

Have a creative & happy week everybody!

Posted by: Holly