Bespoke Floor Vinyl Fitting

In June you may have spotted my post about designing a bespoke floor vinyl for my new outdoor studio cabin & the dream finally came true! You can refer to that previous post for all of the design challenges we came across. You also check out this post that shows you the printing process by the amazing Atrafloor. This post, however, is all about the fitting!

Initially a ply base needed to be laid & a lot of prep work was done before even fitting the full vinyl. The fitters did an amazing job of lining up my quirky artwork & paid so much attention to detail & were so neat with the whole process. The vinyl has been laid out in my brand new outdoor studio & I can’t wait to finally use the space as it was intended. It will be styling heaven!

What do you think of the design? Could it be any more in your face?! I love it!

Thank you to Atrafloor for printing my surface pattern design so wonderfully & to my Studio Manager Kelly for helping on another one of my over ambitious ideas!

You can see more peeks as I start to move into the studio over on my Instagram.