DIY Floral Styling

I recently had quite a lot of dreaded business & admin tasks to get through, & after having a sort of my garden, I decided I needed a little creative break! We’re forvever needing new & gorgeous imagery for my Make it in Design classes as well as here in the blog so it was still important work.

Stylists always seem to make it all look so glamorous but what they don’t tell you is that the breeze will repeatedly blow away anything you are working on & not to mention having to handle the spiky flowers! There was a also a lot of random poses in order to capture the right angle & not get my shadow in the shot.

Since building my dream garden (which you can read more about here) I’ve been obsessed with all things plants & flowers & I’ve recently really been inspired by Mr. Plant Geek. If you’d like to know the plant varieties in my garden, here is a list of what I can remember: Sea Holly, Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Verbena Bonariensis & Globe Thistle.

Here’s a few tips to help you create your very own DIY floral styling:

  • Find a plain but textured background. The texture will make a really gorgeous contrast against any organic elements.
  • Choose a shape or composition you’d like to work with first. I went with square as I felt my flowerhead leant themselves to this shape but choose whichever shape you think will work best with the plants & flowers you have.
  • Try to balance the colour & varieties but in an intuitive way & not in a contrived way. Let your natural creative instincts choose where to place them.
  • Think about the way you are placing them & which way they should face. As I said capturing the image is a lot harder than it looks so try and place them in the best position for light & photography.
  • Have fun! As mentioned I did this as a creative break during a work heavy day. Soak in the inspiration, enjoy being out in nature & just have a play!

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