Thursday Inspo – Floral Photography!

Hello Everyone!

If you’re a frequent visitor to our blog or even a follower of Rachael on Instagram, you’ll know that we’re crazy about all things floral. Rachael’s ever-growing garden features a wealth of different flower & plant types covering all shapes, colours & sizes  & is a constant source of inspiration for her signature design work & photography.

With such a variety around us, flowers continue to be one of the most commonly photographed subjects in nature. No two flowers are exactly alike & with so much variation in colour, intricacy, shape, size & even smell, flowers can truly offer something for everyone. Whether you’re drawn to classics such as roses & sunflowers, or love the brightness & boldness of a tiger lily, there is genuine beauty in each flower.

Flowers are not only gorgeous to look at & smell, they provide so many of us with a creative outlet. The floristry industry attracts a wealth of talented & devoted people who love to use flowers to create gorgeous arrangements for those special moments in our lives, or simply just to brighten our day. Flower drying is another lovely hobby where the beauty of flowers are preserved, even after they have died. With platforms such as instagram, the appreciation of flowers & floral hobbies have also tied in with photography, too (which we love).

The RT Team are always seeking new sources of inspiration & were thrilled to come across @stileflowers on instagram this week. We absolutely love how these photos capture the complexity & beauty of flowers; we also adore the colours in these images & thought they’d be great to share with you here.

If you come across a lovely flower this week, why not take a photo? Better yet, why not start doodling or painting your take your favourite flower? We encourage you to get creative!

Posted by: Holly