New Design Work & Trying New Things

Sometimes I just get a creative urge & the designs just flow out of me no matter what time it is (& I ignore what I’m meant to be doing). I’ve also been trying out a lot of new things lately from visiting plant shows to getting a second job as a gardeners apprentice!

The time out trying new things has really invigorated me & filled me with new energy to add more designs to my portfolio. New collections are on the way for licensing, I’ve had fun fitting in new plant based drawings lately.

Meet ‘Dotty Delavayi’, yes that’s the actual design name. It gets harder to name them when you’ve designed so many things. It’s a mash up of abstract with half the original plant name & inspiration thrown in (although I’ve done my usual quirky styled thing so once again it’s a new plant species!)

Introducing ‘Fanciful Foxtail’ (you might need your sunglasses for this one) & ‘Foxtail Seeds’. I looked at beautiful Foxtail Lily plants for inspiration which were documented as they changed throughout the seeding / seed head & drying out phase then I played some of my favourite music & doodled a series in my usual abstract style. Once I scanned them in it was quite an intuitive design process when selecting my colour palette then I let the pattern magic naturally happen. I’m lucky to know lots of people with lovely gardens, thanks for growing these beauties @thehandsomegardener.

I think this just maybe the most non colourful image that I’ve ever shared… I had a bit of time to in my design studio so I cleared out an entire corner & popped a range of doodles on my display shelves. These drawings were created from being inspired by plants & flowers from various locations such as Cinque Terre, Shropshire, Owestry, Cheshire & Liverpool! As usual I’ve abstracted them in my quirky print style. I’m a firm believer that if you put your soul into your original motifs your prints & patterns will then flow effortlessly (that’s my personal design process anyway). Now to add colour to this corner before I start questioning my identity…

You can view more of my portfolio here. If you are a client or company interested in buying, licensing or commissioning my work please feel free to get in touch or request access to my private archive of designs.

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