Thursday Inspo – Button Addicts!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic week so far. If you follow Rachael on Instagram, or have taken one of the Make it in Design courses, it’s likely that you’ve had a sneak peek into her home studio. One thing you’ll almost always spot in Rachael’s home, studio & even on her accessories are buttons.

It’s true – here in the Rachael Taylor Studio we are real button addicts. We love that they come in MILLIONS of varieties. Some are really big, some a teeny tiny & there are thousands of variations on colour, shape, material, texture & style in between. Buttons are one of the most easiest things to collect as they’re everywhere. Even if you’re not a button collector, there’s a good chance you’ve got a small stash from all your jackets, blouses & sewing kits!

One of the main reasons Rachael is such a button addict is the fact that so many of them are colourful & unique. The colour & shape of a button can tell such a vivid story, especially those from other decades – for example, a fuchsia, seashell shaped button on an 80’s blouse, or a velvet-covered orange button from a retro 70’s peacoat. With such an amazing variety, buttons are also a great source of doodle inspiration & Rachael herself has created pattern designs with a button theme.

Button collections can also make fantastic house decorations. Rachael has arranged her buttons by colour & put them into individual jars on her shelves. This makes for a great little rainbow selection in her home studio. She also has a few giant buttons on her walls which give her decor lots of quirkiness & personality.

If you love to craft, buttons also make for an incredibly versatile crafting material. You can make mosaics, bracelets, accessories & can even get to making your own with clay / ceramics or upholstery!

Below we’ve found some fantastic button collection images on Instagram – if you are looking for a new item to collect, we encourage you to take up button collecting! What’s not to love?

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Posted by: Holly