Friday Inspo – Today Will Be…

Happy Friday Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor Studio! Hooray for Friday, we’re so glad to see you here. Today we wanted to share a simple but colourful infographic to remind you to keep your chin up – remember that no matter what happens, today can & will be FABULOUS!

It can be hard to see the positive side of things, especially if we feel run down, tired, or stressed, but there’s no power like positivity & sometimes changing our perspective can work wonders.

When you finish up work today, why not find something that you love to do & do it! Better yet, invite a friend over & share in that activity together. Whether it’s doodling, crafting, baking, or even just having a catch up, take action to make your day that much brighter. You’ll thank yourself!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

via @poshingforpizza

Posted by: Holly