Thursday Inspo – #pumpkinflowers

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you’re all loving this Autumnal weather & the festive vibes in the air. As many of our readers may know, here in the Rachael Taylor Studio we are HUGE fans of all things floral & festive, so today we’re sharing a fantastic DIY floral craft that we’re sure you’ll love.

That’s right, today we’re exploring the wonderful world of Pumpkin Flowers! Nope – we aren’t talking about the yummy edible flowers that you can pinch off a pumpkin – rather, the art of turning a hollowed pumpkin into a gorgeous vase for your flower arrangements.

We’ve only just discovered this super fun & creative autumnal trend & we’re loving it. Pumpkin carving is a super fun & useful hobby in itself – so many delicious recipes & treats can yield from a single pumpkin, including pies, cakes, hot drinks & even sweet & salty seeds to eat around the fire.

But what’s even better, is how many creative crafts you can take on with a simple hollowed pumpkin. Whether you use it to carve out a spooky face or use it as a beautiful home for a floral arrangement, it just goes to show how versatile these seasonal treasures really are.

Below we’ve collated some of our favourite #pumpkinflowers from Instagram. Who knew these were so popular? If you’re a fan of creating floral arrangements, why not invite a friend round for a night of pumpkin hollowing & crafting? Don’t forget your hot chocolates (or even glasses of wine) for this one! It looks like so much fun! Be sure to follow the tag above on Insta for more of these AMAZING flowers!

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