Plant Girl Iris – Autumn at Arley Hall

I love this time of year! There’s such beautiful colours around. 1 day a week I’m learning a new botanical skill, which compliments my design & photography work too (you can read my previous posts here). I just love it as my time at Arley makes me so relaxed (& I do it instead of the gym). I document my plant spam / image library for my drawings over on @plantgirliris – it’s just a little hobby account but I know some of the students I teach on Make it in Design & my Creative Coaching / Workshops find it useful for drawing reference & colour inspiration.

It’s a place to document my journey & the billion pretty plant photos I take. Gardening makes me all kinds of happy… I wonder where this little green adventure will take me? I have randomly been approached to have a photoshoot with tools but I said no, I don’t think I’m there yet!

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