A personal post for #AntiBullyingWeek

Today marks the start of #AntiBullyingWeek & it’s something very close to my heart & that I feel really strongly about.

*Warning ? Below is my personal story & experience of extreme bullying & it might be upsetting or hard to read*

I was severely bullied at high school for various reasons & ones I’ll never understand. I was never shy & always followed my passions & went for opportunities & did well. The school I went to wasn’t great & really failed me but it was large groups that caused the everyday bullying. I wouldn’t even go to school at one point & it was during a crucial time (year 10) almost half way through my G.C.S.E’s.

It was hard enough going through growing up as a teenager & other life happenings. It got that bad that I didn’t even want to live anymore & I was a 14 year old girl with everything going for me so it’s still unbelievable for me to get my head around. Without going into too much detail it really caused anxiety & affected my mental health, I tried to end it all & a stranger found me & then the hospital saved my life.

This year marked the 20th anniversary since it all & it gave me the courage to finally speak out & try to help anti bullying, mental health & suicide prevention charities. My own bullying experience was extreme (mental & physical) but now I see how easy kids are targeted online too & it breaks my heart.

I’ve always been someone who is ambitious, over energetic & quirky at times but I believe that’s my magic now. ‘Stay true to yourself’ – if you have been bullied or know someone who is being bullied (at whatever age) seek help, no one should suffer in silence.

A bigger version of my own story will be released but as you can imagine it’s been so hard to write & open up about. If you have been bullied don’t see it as failure too, I used to feel so ashamed but I know how strong I am & having a 2nd chance at life has always made me the spontaneous, go getter person that I am today. I’ve often been told through my work that I’m seen as as role model so I hope my story can help others. On a positive note I changed schools, started my G.C.S.E’s again, worked crazy hours to catch up & I was determined to do well & I eventually left with A*- C grades & I’ve followed my dreams ever since. ?