Bespoke Vintage Jacket Service Collaboration!

We are so excited to soon be launching a collaborative vintage jacket service! Each jacket will be made-to-order with my unique pattern designs as well as utilising the expert sewing skills of Simion from Reloved Upholstery!

Kelly & I will be doing our best to get this up & running over in the studio shop very soon! In the meantime ***if you are a fashion blogger & you want to get your hands on a real unique piece please get in touch!***⁣⁣

I’m so excited to be having a photoshoot whilst out in Havana this October & I’ll be squeezing some of the new creations in my suitcase, although it’s mega hot out there, so they won’t be worn for long!

This ‘Fanciful Foxtail’ design was inspired by a very lovely Cheshire garden (Thanks Jon & Anna!) however the colours definitely have the Cuban vibe. I’ve been mixing cultural influences in my new design work a lot lately & have been really enjoying it. Stay tuned folks the good stuff is on it’s way!

Photography captured in June by Vic from Make it in Design later edited with one of my rainbow presets.

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