5 tips to renovating your home in London

Evelyn Paris for Unsplash

London is one of the most lucrative real estate markets in the world. As such, if you own a property in this city, you need to always keep it in pristine condition. The better it looks, the higher the chances that you can fetch a good amount when you decide to sell it. One way to keep your home in good condition is through regular renovations, to rectify any issues as soon as they emerge. To help you out with this process, here are 5 tips to renovating your home in London:

1. Define your renovation project

For you to succeed in your London home renovation project, you need to define your project scope. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself include: Why am I doing it? Do I need design modifications in my home? These are questions that could help you see the end product from the beginning for comprehensive budgeting, and planning of the renovation period.

2. Arrange for alternative residence

Before you move to do major home renovations, make arrangements for alternative accommodation. That’s because, the structural works might force you to stay away for a while. When looking for alternative accommodation, you need to consider things like convenience and cost. For instance, if you have school-going children, it would be prudent to find alternative accommodation somewhere close to your current residence. Otherwise, costs can shoot up and make the renovation project impossible. 

3. Do the minor renovations by yourself

Home renovation is not cheap, and it is even more expensive in London, one of the world’s largest real estate markets. As such, before you contact a renovator, find what you can do by yourself and do it, to cut on costs. For instance, if your locks are faulty, you can go ahead and replace them by yourself. It is an easy process that doesn’t necessitate a professional installer. There are many other things you can do by yourself, before finally contacting a professional renovator for the major works.

4. Get a budget estimate

Before you decide to renovate your home, get a budget estimate for the project. The last thing you want is to start a renovation project, only to fail midway due to budget overshoots. Getting a budget estimate is easy. You can contact several home renovators and get an average of their charges. On top of that, you can use online reviews to get first-hand cost estimates from people who have done home renovations in the past. 

5. Engage a reputable home renovation company

The quality of your home renovation project will depend on the company you use. If you engage the services of an experienced company, the results will be impressive. To get the right company for the job, make good use of customer reviews. They are usually a good indicator of a company’s quality of work. Using this critera, one of the best companies you can utilise is the Proficiency Design & Build. From a look at its reviews, most of this company’s clients are happy with their services and would recommend them to family and friends. If you live in London, it is worth it to invest in a reputable company for your renovation needs.

Post written by Proficiency Ltd